Benefits of Having a Streaming App on Apple Products (iOS and Apple TV)

Over-the-top (OTT) media services have increased in popularity in recent years. This phenomenon is attributable to the direct streaming of content to users. OTT is a disruption to conventional broadcasting; content creators consider it the future of television. Owing to the convenient, customized services that OTT providers offer, their popularity has surged. For instance, in the United States, the number of subscribed households tripled to 51 million between 2014 and 2019. With OTT, consumers can access content as long as they have internet-enabled devices, a significant deviation from conventional broadcasting.

Why Get Your App on iOS and Apple TV?

Having gained insights into the benefits of OTT streaming apps, you’re probably wondering why choose iOS and Apple TV. Apple’s platforms offer several benefits that can let you tap into the company’s growing consumer base.

Access a Global Market

Launching your app on Apple products instantly grants you access to an established, global market. iPad, iPhone, select Samsung TVs, and of course users who purchased an Apple TV can access Apple TV content from over 100 countries. By using Nunchee to build your streaming box app, you can monetize your content running local ads in different regions and countries.

Get Apps on the Market Share Leader

According to Counterpoint Research, as of Q2 2019, Apple devices are leading the mobile device market with a 41% market share. This means your app will have increased reach for users to discover your content, and more opportunity to deliver your content to users on this platform.

Reduced Costs for Your Customers

Apple offers free iOS and tvOS software updates and is significantly cheaper than Netflix. Reducing prices is a major market penetration strategy. It enables you to introduce and grow your brand. You would want to transfer some of the benefits of the affordable quotas that Nunchee offers to customers. Apple TV combined with Nunchee provide an appropriate pathway for implementing such a strategy.

Family Sharing

Apple TV and iOS provide Family Sharing Services. Up to six individuals can share subscriptions using their Apple IDs. The shared subscription model enables you to customize your content to the needs of different family members.

Growing Customer Base

Although Apple TV is relatively new, analysts expect its market to grow significantly within the next few years. Apple TV had 10 million subscribers within the first three months, and CNBC predicts that the Apple TV service segment could generate up to $9 billion annually by 2025. Also, Apple’s recent acquisition of older TV shows and movies will enhance Apple TV’s competitiveness relative to Disney and Hulu.

Ease of Setup

It is relatively easy to set up an OTT service on Apple TV and iOS. Content providers do not require programming expertise. Nunchee simplifies the process for you. Log into your account or register at and sign up for a free trial.

Upon logging in, the Nunchee Console provides service administration, content management, and app configuration sections. Nunchee recommends that you configure and brand your websites and native apps first. The process takes a few minutes and involves choosing your preferred template and providing the necessary information for the App Store. Next, you create a sitemap with pages and subpages.

In addition to having your app on Apple products, here are six reasons why you should consider an OTT provider like Nunchee for your content.

Why Customers are Shifting from Conventional Broadcasting to OTT

Original and Distinctive Content

OTT media services enable you to offer original, exclusive content to customers. Exclusive services are vital for growing a loyal customer base. You can count on Nunchee to provide a user-friendly OTT platform with customized features. With a responsive video player, native apps, and Nunchee Syntax, rest assured seamless content sharing. Your customers, for instance, won’t need to update their apps.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Your customers won’t need to have their TVs to access their favorite shows. All they’ll need is a Wi-Fi enabled device and an internet connection. Nunchee offers customized, native apps that your customers can use to access content from different devices. Accessing content will be as easy as downloading the apps and subscribing to your services.

A Ready Market

The prevailing technological environment is conducive to the growth of OTT media services. According to Clearbridgemobile, the necessary infrastructure has already been developed. For example, there are more Wi-Fi hotspots, connected TVs, tablets, and media streaming platforms. Besides, consumers are more aware and willing to purchase OTT services, as Netflix’s success demonstrates. Nunchee offers you the opportunity to distribute content to a global market through its online Management Console. The Geo-Blocking service enables you to employ targeted marketing. You can simultaneously reach customers from different countries.

Increased Production of Mobile Content

The demand for mobile OTT content is poised to grow in the future. As Clearbridgemobile notes, the hunger for “Martini TV” – conveniently accessing content whenever and wherever one desires, has increased. Consequently, more OTT service providers are incorporating mobile functionalities to target mobile customers. Nunchee offers several mobile apps that enable you to reach these consumers. Notably, the iOS version enables you to target iPhone users.

The Spread of Niche Services

Niche services represent a viable opportunity for OTT service providers, as evident in the MLB Channel’s growth. Nunchee enables you to customize offerings. The Analytics feature enables you to gain insights into customers’ tastes and preferences. Therefore, you can employ data-driven content distribution strategies, enhancing your brand’s outreach.

So now that we have your attention, come to and find out how you can set up your own AppleTV with no coding skills!

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