How To Adapt Your Video Business To The COVID-19 World

The COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping the way businesses work, and video businesses have a unique opportunity. Worldwide stay at home orders mean that millions of people are looking to watch the latest and greatest videos. This gives you the chance to grow your subscriber base and build customer loyalty with your content.

How do you make that magic happen? We’ve got a few tips.

Explore the possibilities of a wider audience.

Now that most of your audience is at home, you might find that this audience has grown. You can gain new viewers and increase audience loyalty by creating content targeted at these new audiences.

For example, if you’re a trainer who has created a channel of accessible at-home workouts, consider creating child-friendly workouts. Your viewers with children will appreciate having a new activity to add to their socially distanced routine, especially now that so many summer camps, parks, and visits with friends are off-limits. You might even discover that targeting this new audience helps you find new subscribers!

Think through the ways that social distancing has affected your specific audience, and create content that will delight these new viewers.

Try longer content.

Your audience has more free time and fewer ways to fill it. That means… they’re going to be eager to watch your videos, and they don’t have as many reasons to hit pause. Feel free to share a few extra scenes and save them from boredom.

Consider experimenting with your format or adding new segments to your videos. You might find that your audience loves this new content, and it can drive your video development long after the pandemic has passed.

That said, longer doesn’t always mean better. Viewers have lots of options and they’ll find them if your content becomes bloated or boring. Make sure your videos are engaging all the way through.

Consider a longer trial period.

Everyone likes free things. Everyone likes trying new things, too, especially when they’ve been stuck in the same place for months. Why not combine these two concepts for an offer your viewers will love? Attract subscribers by offering a longer trial period that will allow them to fall in love with your content.

Lengthening your free trial period will also show potential subscribers that you understand that their financial circumstances may have changed during the pandemic.

Give live streams a try.

Live streams give your viewers a sense of immediacy. Now that in-person meetings are restricted, replicate the feeling with a live stream that lets you connect with your viewers.

Many live streaming platforms have been overloaded with increased demand as a result of COVID-19. Luckily, Nunchee makes it possible for you to integrate live streams with your VOD content. These live streams will be searchable, just like the rest of your videos, making them easily accessible to viewers even after the live session is over.

Create new advertising opportunities.

Online video viewing has been on a steady increase that has only been accelerated by worldwide orders to stay at home. This makes your videos more valuable ad properties than they’ve ever been before. Consider opening up ad space on your channel, or even raising your ad prices.

Make sure your content works on a wide variety of devices.

Viewers have all their technology available at home, so make sure they can watch your videos however they want. Your channel should be optimized for desktop and mobile and should be available on Roku and Apple TV. When your audience is looking for something to watch, you’ll be easy to find.

Not sure how to optimize your channel for different devices? Nunchee offers easy optimization for all resolutions, and lets you seamlessly build apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Roku, AppleTV and FireTV.

Looking to claim new viewers during the COVID-19 pandemic? Nunchee makes it easy. We offer intuitive options that allow you to launch a fully operational channel in 24 hours. Go to and start your free trial today.