How an awesome Playlist design will delight your audience!!!

We all know if it is properly used, photos can elicit real emotions in anyone. This can be especially useful at the start of your customer experience when you are trying to set the ideal stage for the message you want to deliver: “This video will be awesome”.

If you happen to have a VOD service, this is the right article for you.

At we released a brand new list of “Top Playlists”, designed to showcase your best content in a fun, dynamic way.

Viewers will see every content without having to click. Title and short descriptions are displayed when you move the cursor over every content.

However, before showing the options of amazing Playlist designs we have for you, let’s talk about the photos that come along with building Playlists. Because they are what your audience will see first, before the actual videos themselves.

You must focus on using images with the best resolution possible, hopefully something out of the box that brings something new to the user. As a general rule, the higher the resolution, the better the image. You can always scale down in size, but never scale up; at least not without losing quality. Make sure your image has the highest resolution and image dimensions you can get.

But why is this visual resource so important?

Your audience has specific cultural references. Going back to them will help you connect with their affections and preferences. Also, generating your own images from scratch will help you to create a brand perception, using your own corporate and personality shaped through these images.

Now, let’s see what Nunchee has to offer in terms of showing your content:

Dynamic Blocks

“Ok, that’s ALL I wanted and need” is what your users will say when they see this compilation of the content they were just looking for. Showcasing it in so many ways and sizes, the audience will be able to check, at once, the kind of content you are offering to them.

Fifty Fifty Feature

If you want to give your audience more context before they actually click on the content. They will be able to first relate with what you have to offer. A description would allow you to describe exactly what’s in the image, using relevant words someone may be searching for.

News Head Lines

What a cool way to amuse those who like to see previews with a little description without clicking or interacting. They can see what the “trends” are for this content. The playlist will transition by itself with the contents you have inserted.

Thumbnails Full Featured

Look at the dynamic-ness and cool-ness of this playlist that shows your VOD. Your content is UNIQUE and you must value it for the way you show it.

Full Featured

Wow, what an impression! I would like to see what is behind these amazing photos and allow viewers to dig deeper with this brief explanation on what the picture is about. You can scroll to the right and show your content at once with this Playlist model.

Post Featured

Can you imagine having great pictures to show in this playlist? Just imagine the best pic with an impactful brief explanation of the amazing content your audience will see if they click on the image.

With that said – it sounds formal, but believe me, we want you to have fun with our platform – you can test, change, see which playlist will best represent your business, and why not change it once a while? It will show your business is diverse and dynamic, always updating and optimizing the user experience.

As a subscriber I’d love to see the content I like in as many ways possible, how about you?

I’m happy to share a bit of what Nunchee has to offer, so if you have any questions or would like to try these playlists completely, just got ahead and click HERE and we’ll be excited to help you build your own OTT service.

Get the most out of Nunchee Platform and boost your OTT in just a few clicks.

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