Nunchee? Who, what, when, where, and why? Nunchee is taking over the OTT Industry in the Americas. The global company is receiving acknowledgement all around. This year Nunchee was launched full-into-action. Why? To change the game. To break down entry barriers. Media creators, of all size, are now able to launch their very own service without the need of incorporating “others” such as vendors, software factories, and blah blah blah . We’ve developed a platform where everything you need is in just one place. It’s as easy as a self-service check out. Check out the articles below (from Forbes, Amazon, and more) and see how we’re crushin’ the industry! 


The biggest newspaper in Chile, El Mercurio announced that is one of 10 startups with the most promising plans for this following year.

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nunchee-en-mercurio makes another appearance in El Mercurio. Rafael Lopez, CEO of SmartboxTV, confirms that is breaking down the entry barriers, the gold mine is right at the certain niches. He believes that is where the real value is.


SmartboxTV’s Nunchee is helping cultivate the entrepreneur environment. From Forbes, What the West Can Learn from Latin America’s Young Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. “Chile out-performs all of the countries in the index when it comes to digital entrepreneurship.” 

Rafael Lopez at InnovaRock about with series of digital platforms in more than 14 countries. “Innovation is about making a break in what we are accustomed to. And Nunchee did just that. Now an user can implement this solution in just 24 hours without the need of a technological background.”

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the giant of servicing cloud-based platforms, saw SmartboxTV as to be one of the distinctive, high growth company in the region. The industry had set its sights on SmartboxTV after the creation of Nunchee; a modern platform that enables white labeled OTTs to be adapted to any client in a matter of days.