The 3 Most Important Reasons Why Your OTT Needs a Newsletter

If I were an alien who just landed on this Covid-full planet and asked you what a newsletter is, how would you describe it to me? An email you get every week with all the new stuff going on with that brand you love? Or perhaps a weekly reminder of how much you love a particular service? 

I personally really love it when Ted Talk or Spotify send curated suggestions of talks to watch and new songs to listen. Guess what I do? Most of the time I click on what they send me and end up consuming their content! Now, even better news is that there’s no reason we can’t learn from these big shots. But before we begin – if you’re still not convinced that this makes sense, take a look at these stats:

– In 2019 there were 5.6 billion active email accounts in the world.

– 73% of millennials prefer to communicate with businesses over email.

– 99% of people check their email every day.

So in order to make your life a bit easier here’s the 3 most important reasons why your OTT service needs to have a newsletter.


Out of sight out of mind. Have you heard this before? I’m pretty sure you have. Your viewers are busy people and they don’t spend all of their time thinking about your company or your content. But they did sign up for your OTT for a reason, so feel free to remind them why. If you send them content that relates to their lives and not just your business, they’ll start thinking about you as an industry leader and not just another company out there. 

Think of this as an opportunity to build and grow your relationship with your clients. As in any relationship, if you don’t put in the effort it will eventually die. So get creative and let them – the clients – know why you’re there. Make sure they know there’s new content available or that they could be making an even better use of the service. 


Your newsletter can help you not only increase engagement, but also drive traffic to your service directly or even your social media. A good newsletter gets shared among friends. Like a good book it gets passed around. In fact yesterday, I was doing just that-sharing a newsletter, that I thought was genius, with a bunch of friends! So in a way it’s a very cost effective way to get more subscribers, website click-throughs, increase your social media following and drive sales.


Getting in touch constantly with customers gives you the chance to support their interests. That can be done by answering their questions, providing them with content they’re craving for, interesting or even irreverent facts that are difficult to find, or even offer a solution to a particular problem that’s been going on with your service or around the world. Just think of all the communication we’ve been receiving since the pandemic broke out. At some point I felt like every brand became an expert in prevention. And my inbox was flooded with how to avoid covid! Did that happen to you too?

There are many more reasons we could list here and make this article insufferably long, but I’ll cut it short. At Nunchee we make it really easy for you to access your client information, so you can start your newsletter today, if you want to! But before you start drafting the content and spamming everyone, remember that segmentation is key, and you can go as narrow as you want. The more relevant the information people get, the better the results will be. 

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