With countless  OTT streaming platforms appearing year after year, It can become difficult to differentiate your service from others. But what is an OTT channel? OTT stands for over the top. You probably use one of these online video services already and don’t even know! 

Most of the popular streaming platforms have been built thanks to OTT live streaming technology.  But without the added benefit of a name brand like Netflix, Amazon, or Disney, finding creative and unique ways to attract and retain customers to your streaming service is paramount to the success of your OTT video business.

In this post, we will review techniques and features designed to enhance the user experience and increase subscribers.

Free Trials

Like in many industries, customers have different providers to pick and choose from. Often time, a customer will want proof of concept or a demonstration to prove the product works. Not unlike a test drive when buying a car, or a 30-day return policy when purchasing articles of clothing, free trials are a great opportunity to showcase your product to potential customers without them assuming any financial risk.

Offer Bonus Content

Everyone likes free stuff! Providing additional content alongside your established programs will increase the value of the customer’s subscription encouraging them to return often and enthusiastically. Deleted scenes from tv shows or a movie, sports content such as match highlights, post-match interviews, and broadcasting warmups are a great way to engage the viewer outside of your primary content, something traditional cable or satellite TV often lack. Some loyal sports fans are even willing to pay extra for bonus content as to not miss any of the action!

Distribute content to as many devices as possible

Make it easy for viewers to subscribe to your platform by meeting them halfway. Offering your content on any internet-connected devices such as AndroidTV, Apple TV, mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers, and even digital media players such as Roku or FireTV/Chromecasts.

Offer Subtitles and Different languages

Increase your reach internationally with the implementation of subtitles and alternative audio. This lingual olive branch allows customers to personalize their experience in a way that better suits their needs. 

Stay up to date

In today’s streaming world, you innovate or die. As new and improved features are introduced, viewers quickly become accustomed to them. OTT platforms must move fast to implement these features viewers demand or risk losing them. The use of Saas specialized platforms, like Nunchee.com, allows access to dozens of new useful features each year. Guaranteeing your platform stays up to date without the need for CAPEX investments.  

Personalize the Experience

The more a viewer is suggested personalized content, the more likely they are to remain with your platform. However, true personalization is much more than suggesting content to viewers. OTT Service Providers utilize precise information to base these suggestions on all while recognizing European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines.

Personalization isn’t just about what to recommend to viewers, additional features that augment the viewer’s experience include support for categorizing content to where the viewer is located. Content tags and regionally available content allow for compliance with business law and augments the personalization the viewer experiences.

Price Accordingly

Setting a price for a digital service can be tricky. While some customers are willing to pay more than others, it is prudent to start low and gradually increase in conjunction with views and subscriptions. Offering Pay-Per-View (PPV) options allows customers who are unwilling to subscribe to your platform a way to access the content they want without the commitment of a monthly subscription. Allowing the pre-purchase or pre-order of specific content enables self-price discrimination allowing you to capture the consumer’s surplus in affluent markets.

Collect and Leverage your Analytics

Understanding what your audience wants plays a large part in retaining them. Analytics and statistics can glean insights into how to grow subscriber count and keep them coming back. A diverse selection of performance metrics such as real-time visitor counts, average visit durations, visit location,  actions per visit, and more allow you to understand how to better optimize for those loyal customers. 

Social Media and the Second Screen

According to Mike Proulx  co-author of the book ‘Social TV’ and research director at Forrest Research, a technology research company, “Between 60-70% of people, when they’re watching TV, also have a second screen device, such as a laptop, an iPad, or a mobile device.” The same is true for OTT sports streaming. 

Using social media alongside a live sports OTT platform, you can garner increased viewer engagement by posting highlights, and interacting with viewers who may be commenting on the game on social media.


Quality content, a robust viewing experience, and constant innovation are essential to a successful OTT live streaming platform. Choosing the correct partner to launch and develop your OTT platform is paramount to success. 

 Nunchee.com makes it easy to make great content for your audience to discover, on your platform, and throughout the internet. Offer special promotions, make many partners, and always remember to pitch your platform at every possible opportunity. Keeping up to date with all that is going on in the industry and accepting each open door to scale and grow your platform will surely lead to the achievement of a successful OTT streaming service. 

About us:

Nunchee.com is an OTT white-label streaming service committed to providing the best in OTT live streaming. Nunchee empowers Media Creators to launch their video website and branded apps instantly while including all tools to manage their service. You can launch your service in as little as 24 hours. Clients of Nunchee.com include The British Basketball League, ATA Football, Telefonica, and Fanatiz among many others

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