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By Mateo Guevara, 3 years ago

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How to Monetize your OTT sports live stream

Over the past few years, OTT sports streaming has gained momentum and grown from niche markets to the mainstream. Cord-cutting has only become more common as we move into 2021 and the number is expected to grow in the future with sports at its core. Sponsorship opportunities for content are rising in conjunction with the excitement surrounding live sports. Take Amazon and the NFL for example.

Kurt Badenhausen of Forbes wrote during the spring of 2020 about the details surrounding the Amazon NFL deal. Thursday Night Football’s digital audience rose 43% last year to just over one million viewers per game on average. The games averaged 15.4 million viewers overall, including broadcast TV. While Amazon and the NFL have renegotiated for the coming year, Amazon will still part with over $65 million for the privilege to stream its 11 NFL games. 

Previously, traditional broadcasting only had access to inexact ratings like the Nielsen ratings. This meant that producers did not know the exact number or the specific demographics of viewers. Now, thanks to the wealth of information analytics provided to OTT services, you can see exactly how many people view your content, where they viewed your content, and when they viewed your content. As well as having the opportunity to create an affiliate marketing program. 

But you don’t need dedicated engineers on hand like the industry leaders to earn money from sports events. Local sports clubs, high schools, and national teams are all examples of potential OTT channels. Thanks to and others like it, now almost anyone can create their own OTT channel without any coding and quickly monetize as well. 

Regional Sports:

For many loyal sports fans, high school sports eclipse pro sports as their son or daughter take the field. Having to miss a game often means missing out on all the action. While most high school sports do not garner ESPN coverage like the world series, with OTT streaming platforms, anyone can create their streaming services in minutes allowing games to be streamed anywhere to anyone. Advertisements make it easy to monetize content for smaller broadcasts without requiring a paywall. 

Thanks to OTT live streaming services, content creators of all types are venturing into the live streaming space. Independent clubs are no longer required to start from scratch and can monetize content significantly faster than if they developed their platform. You don’t need to know how to create a sports OTT, it’s already done. Hiring engineers, designers, or web developers isn’t necessary.

With the technical aspect taken care of, a club or team can instead focus on creating the most engaging content possible. As well as deploying that content through the variety of options available with OTT streaming such as a web player, iOS applications, and google play store applications. 

Operating a live streaming service and an OTT service provides endless opportunities for generating revenue. A broadcaster can offer a subscription to their OTT service for access to past games or highlights, making use of previous content that otherwise might not happen. 

However, attracting and retaining loyal viewers is a daunting task. Today customers expect perfection in their media. At the first sign of poor quality or buffering, a viewer is likely to shut the stream off and pursue an alternative. While building a foundation strong enough to support live, high definition content is out of reach of many sports clubs, the foundation has already been built by OTT providers, leaving you with time and resources to nurture a culture of fan loyalty. 

Ease of access is equally important to quality for customers. Having to visit a web player is an inconvenience for those on the move. Thanks to mobile apps in both major app stores, content is adjusted accordingly and broadcasted to mobile devices anywhere in the world. 


The benefits of streaming sports through an OTT platform far outweigh the risks. Any sports clubs or federations that haven’t made the switch are missing out on revenue-generating opportunities inherent with OTT streaming. These platforms, which often take less than a day to configure with no coding necessary, allow anyone to create a business to consumer relationship creating value for both parties. 

As a sports OTT streaming trailblazer, Nunchee is committed to providing a professional platform for sports teams at a fraction of the cost.  Live streaming allows OTT sports content to be flexible, from broadcasting La Liga to high school games in Texas.  

 Easily accessible monetization tools like subscriptions and advertisements grow revenue. Analytics and statistics can glean insights into how to grow subscriber count. A diverse selection of platforms ensures no viewers are left without the means to tune in to watch their favorite team. Sponsored content such as blog posts can be informative to your users and generate additional revenue. All of this and more make up a unified monetization strategy that lets you focus on creating content to fill your page.

About us: is an OTT white-label streaming service committed to providing the best in OTT live streaming. Nunchee empowers Media Creators to launch their video website and branded apps instantly while including all tools to manage their service. You can launch your service in as little as 24 hours. Clients of include The British Basketball League, ATA Football, Telefonica, and Fanatiz among many others.

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